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Submissions closed... What's next?

Greetings & congratulations participants!

Submissions for Twitch DevJam: 2019 are officially closed! Thank you to all that participated over the past couple months. You’ve worked tirelessly to get your Extension approved, released, and submitted to Devpost, so now it's time to take a well deserved break while our judges get to work!

Our five finalists will be announced on Thursday, November 7th, and then Viewer's Choice voting will begin on Friday, November 8th on Devpost! The Twitch community will have until Monday, November 18th to select their favorite Extension. All prizes will be announced on November 20th, so mark your…

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5 days ago

Final call: Submissions close Tuesday (10/22)!

Just a final shout-out this is the last weekend to work on your project and submit to Twitch Dev Jam 2019.

Final checklist:

  • Are you submitting a functional Twitch game-matched Extension for one specific game on Twitch?
  • Have you submitted your Twitch Extension for review (72 hours needed)?
  • Has your Extension been released?
  • Have you created a submission video? Does your video meet the competition guidelines? Does your video clearly demonstrate how your application works? Is it no more than five minutes long? (See our video-making best practices.)

 If you haven't submitted your Extension for review, please do

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9 days ago

One week to go–the deadline is almost here!

Time’s almost up - there’s only one week left to submit your project to Twitch DevJam: 2019.  Work on your testing, double check the requirements and get your project wrapped up for submission! And don’t forget your submission checklist:

Submission checklist

Before the deadline passes, make sure you run through this list:

  • Are you submitting functional a functional Twitch game-matched Extension for one specific game on Twitch?
  • Have you submitted your Twitch Extension for review (72 hour SLA)?
  • Has your Extension been made public?
  • Have you created a submission video? Does your video meet the competition guidelines? Does your…

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15 days ago

Two weeks to go—get ready with this submission checklist

It’s getting close!  There are two weeks left to submit your Twitch Extension to Twitch Dev Jam 2019. Submissions are due October 22, 2019 before 5pm ET. (Find out what time that is in your city)

If you haven't started a submission yet, please do so now! (We’ll walk you through our submission form process if you need help.) And if you've just recently joined the challenge, explore the Resources page and your “to-do’s”.

Submission checklist

Before the deadline passes, make sure you run through this list:

  • Are you submitting functional a functional Twitch game-matched Extension for…

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27 days ago

Build Extensions with other developers using Organizations!

Hello everyone! We wanted to spread the word about Organizations to help you collaborate with other developers.

Over on the forums, our Twitch staff shed some light on how Organizations allow you and other Twitch developers to squad up and create, manage, and ship Extensions.

With organizations, you can:

  • Create, manage and ship Extensions as a team of 1-100s of people.
  • Invite any Twitch Developer to an organization with their Twitch Account (you can only be a part of one organization at a time).
  • If you are a game developer, claim ownership of games to manage their box art,…

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29 days ago

Sign up for Technical Help with your Extension

Greetings participants! We’re a little less than one month away from the submission deadline (remember, Extensions must be submitted, reviewed, and released before the deadline, so submit as early as you can!) We hope you all are sailing smoothly through your Extension development process, but we want to give you an opportunity to get a fresh perspective on your concept. If you’re hitting a technical roadblock and don't know how to proceed, we’d like to invite you to sign up for our DevJam Office Hours! These are 1-on-1 meetings with our Solution Architects where you can ask any relevant technical…

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about 1 month ago

An Interview with our very own Game-Matched Extension Dev

We’ve seen some amazing Game-Matched Extension ideas being discussed amongst the Twitch DevJam 2019 community. However, we’ve heard from a few developers that they’d love to participate, but they aren’t quite sure what to build. While we’ve already shared some helpful guides and resources through past updates and our resource page, we thought it would be helpful to bring forth a more personal story on how Lucas, one of our colleagues at Twitch, built his Game-Matched Extension, Slay the Spire Decklist! We asked him a few questions about the experience, and this is what he had to say:


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about 1 month ago

Nine must-have features for your game-matched Extension

We hope you’ve begun building your game-matched Extension and scoped out some of the features you’re looking to include. In case you’re stuck on what features would be essential for your Extension, we’d love to send a thing or two your way to help you!

When you’re thinking about the kind of experience you want your viewer and streamer to have, consider the needs of these two users of your Extension. A great game-matched Extension experience will have quick accessibility for those one-of-a-kind, mega-hype gameplay moments. Streamers should also be able to set up their Extension fairly quickly with little…

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about 1 month ago

If you’re going to TwitchCon, submit your information for a chance to get invited to the TwitchCon Dev Mixer!

We’re super excited to spend a weekend with the Twitch community! 

If you’ll be going to TwitchCon this year, We’d like to invite you to come meet us and other devs at the Dev Mixer (Friday, September 27 from 8PM PST - 12AM PST).
Please note: We have a limited number of tickets available, so submitting your responses to the form after purchasing a TwitchCon ticket and registering for the DevJam does not guarantee that you will be invited. We have limited tickets available and we will be reaching out to you individually if we can. By…

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about 1 month ago

We’re rescheduling our SF & Seattle events for October!

We have decided to move the San Francisco & Seattle events to October 9th! We’re hoping to give you more time to register for these events, because we’d like to get the opportunity to celebrate your progress together with Twitch staff!


Click the links below to sign up for the San Francisco, Seattle, and Orange County events for the Twitch DevJam: 2019 events today!





about 2 months ago

Celebrate the halfway mark with some social events!

Your friendly neighborhood Twitch staff are hosting events for those who are participating in the Twitch Dev Jam: 2019! The seats for these events are limited, so please sign up for the waitlist via the Eventbrite link. You’ll get a notification via Eventbrite if you receive a window to grab your ticket. Please bring your Eventbrite ticket to the door so we can make sure you’re here for the right shindig.

Check out the list of places and get on the waitlist for these events near you:





Orange County


September 11


Press Club


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about 2 months ago

Join Discord and connect with the Dev Community

Whether or not you have started building your game-matched Extension, the Twitch Dev Discord Channel is the perfect place to connect with other developers!


The Discord is a wonderful place to bounce ideas off each other and ask other experienced Extension developers tough technical questions. Who knows, maybe you didn’t know you had a question, but you’ll find the answer there! Discord is also a great place for you and your team to collaborate. So what are you waiting for?


If you're looking for new team members, you can search the challenge Participants Page for other developers in…

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2 months ago

Tips for Getting Started with Twitch Extensions

We wanted to share with you one of our favorite blog posts if you haven’t read it already! This is a great resource with some great tips for getting started with Extensions. One of our members of the Twitch Developer community, Breci, wrote about his personal experience while learning what the best tools are to help you achieve the engagement experience you’re looking for.


If you want to know about Breci’s 10 tips, you can read the full blog post here! He goes into a few different subjects, ranging from the basics of what an Extension is, to…

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2 months ago

Talking about Twitch Dev Jam: 2019 on TwitchDev Weekly!

This week on TwitchDev Weekly, it’s all about this Extension Jam! Come by the TwitchDev channel starting at 2PM EST tomorrow, 8/15. We’ll be discussing game-matched Extensions, which games are best to build for, and answering questions from chat! See you there!

2 months ago

Designing Great Extension Experiences on Twitch

When scoping out the functionality for your game-matched Extension, it’s essential to think about the experience you want to create for your users. We know that building an Extension has a lot of moving parts, so over at Twitch, we created our Extension Design Guidelines to help set you on the right path to creating a next level experience for your users.

In the Extension Design Guidelines, we cover Understanding Extension Users, to help you get an idea of your audience and what could be their motivations for interacting with the Extension; Choosing the Best Extension Type, when you…

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3 months ago

Helpful API Resources to Get You Started

While you and your team very well may still be in the planning phases for your game-matched Extension, we wanted to give you the resources you need once you're ready to start building! We've provided some locations for you to find great Web API resources if that's the route you choose. 


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