4 days ago

Talking about Twitch Dev Jam: 2019 on TwitchDev Weekly!

This week on TwitchDev Weekly, it’s all about this Extension Jam! Come by the TwitchDev channel starting at 2PM EST tomorrow, 8/15. We’ll be discussing game-matched Extensions, which games are best to build for, and answering questions from chat! See you there!

6 days ago

Designing Great Extension Experiences on Twitch

When scoping out the functionality for your game-matched Extension, it’s essential to think about the experience you want to create for your users. We know that building an Extension has a lot of moving parts, so over at Twitch, we created our Extension Design Guidelines to help set you on the right path to creating a next level experience for your users.

In the Extension Design Guidelines, we cover Understanding Extension Users, to help you get an idea of your audience and what could be their motivations for interacting with the Extension; Choosing the Best Extension Type, when you…

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13 days ago

Helpful API Resources to Get You Started

While you and your team very well may still be in the planning phases for your game-matched Extension, we wanted to give you the resources you need once you're ready to start building! We've provided some locations for you to find great Web API resources if that's the route you choose. 


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