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about 1 year ago

Nine must-have features for your game-matched Extension

We hope you’ve begun building your game-matched Extension and scoped out some of the features you’re looking to include. In case you’re stuck on what features would be essential for your Extension, we’d love to send a thing or two your way to help you!

When you’re thinking about the kind of experience you want your viewer and streamer to have, consider the needs of these two users of your Extension. A great game-matched Extension experience will have quick accessibility for those one-of-a-kind, mega-hype gameplay moments. Streamers should also be able to set up their Extension fairly quickly with little margin for potential errors. Also, there’s a place for you to put information or functionality for the streamer in the Live Configuration on the Creator Dashboard, which allows them to interact with the viewers and Extension in real time.

View the full details about these features in the blog post here and check out great Extension examples that bring them to life!