Getting started with Twitch Extensions

To get started with Twitch Extensions, you’ll want to swing by our Twitch Developer Portal. This is the home page for Twitch Developers and is where you can manage your Extensions, Apps and more! To create your first Extension, you can follow along with our docs on getting started! As a part of this, you’ll want to setup the Twitch Developer Rig which is a vital part of the Extension development lifecycle. 

As you are creating your Extension, you may wonder what API’s and capabilities your Extension can have as well as what policies and guidelines you must follow. Have no fear, you can check out our Reference Documentation to see what is available to you, along with samples of how to use it! As for our guidelines and policies, we have them posted in our dev docs.

Now that you have your Extension built, you’ll want to release it so broadcasters and viewers can install and use it. To do this, you’ll have to go through our Review Process. The Review team will check your Extension against our guidelines and policies, and will either approve your Extension or let you know what you have to change in order to be approved.

Now that your Extension has been approved, you can release it and it will be available for broadcasters to install!

Along the way, you are bound to have a few questions or you will need some help. The best thing you can do is to reach out and ask! If you are looking for technical help with an issue you are having, or need help implementing a new feature, check out our forums! Our forums have a vast amount of information within them and other developers are always around to help you out and answer your questions! Lastly, if you have a question about the contest, such as submission requirements or prizes, please reach out to us!

You can now build Extensions with other Twitch Developers by creating an Organization. Organizations allow you and other Twitch developers to squad up and create, manage, and ship Extensions. With organizations, you can: Create, manage and ship Extensions as a team of 1-100s of people. Invite any Twitch Developer to an organization with their Twitch Account. Note: you can only be a part of one organization at a time.


Check out the Extension Design Guidelines here

Here's a handy list of Game API's that can help you create your game-matched Extension! 



Q: What are some examples of a game-matched Extension?

A: We have tons of game-matched Extension experiences on Twitch, and while this is not an exhaustive list, these are a few Extensions that we feel truly encapsulate what it means to be game-matched: