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11 months ago

Final call: Submissions close Tuesday (10/22)!

Just a final shout-out this is the last weekend to work on your project and submit to Twitch Dev Jam 2019.

Final checklist:

  • Are you submitting a functional Twitch game-matched Extension for one specific game on Twitch?
  • Have you submitted your Twitch Extension for review (72 hours needed)?
  • Has your Extension been released?
  • Have you created a submission video? Does your video meet the competition guidelines? Does your video clearly demonstrate how your application works? Is it no more than five minutes long? (See our video-making best practices.)

 If you haven't submitted your Extension for review, please do so now! The Developer Experience team at Twitch needs at least 72 hours to review your Extension and you're required to be approved and released in order to be eligible to win prizes. The latest you should submit your Extension for review is Monday, 10/21 at 8AM PST.

Please be patient with the Twitch Developer Review Team during this time as they will receive a high number of submissions. The earlier you submit your game-matched Extension for review, the better! 

You are almost to the finish line! Your Devpost submissions are due October 22 before 5PM ET. (Find out what time that is in your city.)