•   11 months ago

Please give us an exact cutoff date/time that includes the 72 hour review submission cutoff?

The contest rules say to submit your entry at least 72 hours before the contest deadline. There is uncertainty as to how to exactly calculate that 72 hours due to the handling of weekends and office hours.

Please post an exact date/time for that review submission cutoff so we know how much time we have in reality (E.g. - Saturday 10/19/2019 at 5:00 PM). Otherwise many of us will have worked hard only to find out that we were cut from the contest because we didn't make the review deadline. Thanks.


  • Manager   •   11 months ago

    The deadline for submitting your Extension for review with a guarantee that your Extension will be reviewed before the 10/22 5PM PST closing time is Monday, 10/21 at 8AM PST. Submitting your Extension for review after this time does not mean you are automatically disqualified, however it does mean that we are not able to commit to reviewing your Extension before the 10/22 deadline. Please keep in mind that, in order to be eligible, your Extension must be reviewed and released, and your submission must be finalized on Devpost.

  •   •   11 months ago

    Thanks Chris. That's a big help.

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