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What Game matched extensions examples are there to look at?

Im trying to figure out what is possible and what isnt given the tools that we have, but im unsure if this is just a regular twitch extension which happens to be related to a game(more limited) or if we have better tools that give more insight about the game that is being played and we get access to that information (more flexible). I just need a good example to look at to see what is possible.


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  • Manager   •   about 1 year ago

    Great question! We define a game-matched Extension as an Extension that is built for one specific game. At a base level, this means that the Extension just needs to be focused on a single game. Just keep in mind that, as stated in our judging criteria, we are specifically looking for novelty, creativity, and innovation with how the Extension interacts with the game and/or stream.

    We also added an FAQ section to the Resources tab with some Extensions we feel best encapsulate what a game-matched extension is!

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